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Fashion Goes Functional

Every woman can tell the same tale, you’ve gone on a night out, dressed up to the nines, ready to have some unadulterated fun but as that third vodka soda hits the back of your throat you can’t help but be focused on something else. The sheer pain inflicted by the shoes that at first looked fun and like they could become a new firm favourite, but now present themselves as nothing more than a mechanism to inflict pain.

You carry on, attempting to laugh and smile through gritted teeth as you hobble, arm linked with a friend in the hope it will alleviate some of the strain while you go from bar to bar. But in reality all you can think about is going home and switching the hard uncomfortable soles that you crammed your poor feet into, for a pair of comfy slippers.

This experience is something we’ve all been through a thousand times over, but it’s time to stop making the same mistakes.

We think of the term ‘comfortable shoes’ and ideas spring to mind of the drab, clumpy shoes that only led to arguments when you were young as your mum tried to enforce them upon you because they were ‘practical’ and ‘long wearing’.

But that’s no longer the case.

Why should we have to make the choice between looking good, and feeling comfortable?

We’re combining fashion with function and we’re telling you that it’s time to embrace comfort.

With our orthotic sandals you can rest assured that you can be the last one on the dance floor time and time again.

The clever design means that the sole moulds around the arch of your foot to help correct foot posture. What’s more the soft EVA* top layer cushions the foot and absorbs impact with every step you take while the sole of the sandal provides a tough anti-slip grip.

The fashionable black and gold design creates a timeless look that will see you right through this summer and every summer after.

The term, beauty is pain is history. You can be the belle of the ball without so much as a twinge of discomfort. Now is the time to bin the pain inflicting, toe cinching, shoes you’ve always loved to hate and step into something new.

With a choice of shades these stylish sandals can be paired with any outfit. Dress them up with your favourite party dress or go casual with jeans and nice top, they can be styled for any occasion.

Shop our Orthotic sandals now and say goodbye to sore feet forever!