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In The Spotlight With Ryan Hall

Spring has officially sprung! If you’re ready to welcome in the lighter, brighter morning workouts and evening sessions into your training, then we think we have the perfect inspiration (along with the best sports support products) to keep you motivated to reach your full potential for Spring/Summer 23! 
Whether it’s your ‘new normal’ routine following on from some successful New Year’s resolutions, or you feel ready to crank that training into the next gear for your impending holiday body, we’ve got some incredible insights to share from someone who takes their training and well-being very seriously!  
Known for sporting a plethora of Super League Grand Final Winners medals, and often seen flying down the wing at lightning speed for both club and country, we caught up with Hull KR, Great Britain & England Rugby League Winger, Ryan Hall, to discuss what training and well-being means to him. 
Are there a variety of different training types you have within your professional programme?
We do a variety of training types, not just Rugby, but mainly things that we can relate to the sport such as weight training, wrestling and boxing. Some of the lads will incorporate Yoga and Pilates too. 
What are the wellness elements of life as a professional athlete that you relish the most and do you find it easy to condition yourself into the discipline required? 
Diet is the main thing to get right. They say you can’t out-train a bad diet so I really get into the cooking and planning of my diet.
How does being a professional athlete impact your mental health, particularly with injuries. Is it possible to maintain a positive winning mindset?
I think playing sport is great for mental health, and thankfully I have never personally struggled with it – maybe because I have played sport for as long as I can remember! Team sports are a fantastic way of reminding us there are always people rooting for you; your teammates, staff & fans alike. 
What does a typical post-game recovery session look like for you?
We have to do pool sessions and I personally like to use the sauna. Some lads will use yoga or similar for some recovery stretching. 
And finally, what inspires you to keep giving 100% after such a successful and high profile career? 
I just enjoy doing it. I don’t search for inspiration as it’s inbuilt within me. As soon as I lose the fun in it, it’ll be time to hang up the boots and stop. ​
Here at Pro 11 Wellbeing we are massive advocates of looking after your mental AND physical health. As Ryan mentioned, we believe that sport and regular movement is just as important for your physical health as it is for your mental health too. 
We often get asked, what’s the best way to keep fit and look after your health? Like Ryan said, it’s by doing something that you love! Find an exercise class, or sport that you enjoy, and working out will never feel like a chore again!
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