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Introducing our BRAND NEW 2022 Campaign

The past few months have been an extremely exciting time for us and we’re finally able to reveal what we’ve been working on… our BRAND NEW 2022 Campaign! 

Having been in the industry for so long, we know that, to stay ahead of emerging health trends, we must continue to evolve. That’s why we’ve called upon professional sportsmen and rugby league stars, Jack Ormondroyd and Jacques O’Neill, to launch our new look and line of brand new products.

                                           Professional Rugby Player, Jack Ormondroyd featured in our new campaign.


Our MD, Andrew Dickinson, wanted to stress the importance of working with leading sportsmen on this campaign. 

He said, “From ideation to product testing, we work with those in the fitness industry day in and day out at every level of our business. So when it came to launching our new campaign, we knew that their involvement was important here too. We’re massive advocates for looking after not just your physical health, but your mental health too and it’s so important to us to align the brand with those who prioritise this too.” 

On his involvement in our campaign, Jack Ormondroyd told us, “ As a professional sportsman it’s important for me to be on top of the latest tools and products for peak physical fitness and performance. But as much as I prioritise my physical health, if my mental health and preparation isn’t at its peak too, I won’t see success. That’s why it’s refreshing for me to work with a brand who focuses not just physical health but mental wellbeing too.” 

                                                                Pictured above: Our new High Density Collapsible Foam Roller.


This month, we don’t only launch our new look, but a line of new products too. 

Featured in this release is a brand new collapsable, high density foam roller for deep tissue massage which you can shop online now. 

Its’ specially designed 3D trigger points mimic finger massage to quickly target knots and muscle pain. While the innovative 3D trigger points constantly knead the body’s contours and gently stretch the soft tissues making it the perfect  product to reduce muscle pain and aid injury recovery.

We’ve worked with health industry experts to make this design the best it can possibly be and we’re confident that this new product is going to be a hit in the fitness and health industry. 

Keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to follow us on social media, as we begin reveal more about our new campaign!