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Meet Our Campaign Girl Jade Craven, Professional Dancer and Fitness Fanatic

Professional dancer, model and personal trainer, Jade Craven

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is an important part of the Pro 11 Wellbeing mantra. On our latest shoot model Jade Craven who is a professional dancer, fitness instructor and personal trainer was a part of the campaign and a perfect fit for Pro 11 Wellbeing.

This week we caught up with Jade to talk about her attitudes towards leading a healthy lifestyle, what motivates her and how she keeps such a positive mindset.

What do you believe to be the greatest factor in leading a healthy lifestyle Jade?
The greatest factor is most definitely consistency! Life is about balance, enjoy the drinks and the food when you’re out being social! Seeing your friends and family is so important. But then get back into routine & continue to work towards your goals!
How do you keep yourself motivated?
Honestly, I am a very motivated person! My job is very active. I am a dance and fitness teacher so find it quite easy to stay motivated as I love what I do from day to day!
What would you say to someone who’s looking to embark on their fitness journey?
Anything is possible! Set your mind, find those goals and you will achieve them. Slow and steady wins the race! You’ve got this!
In terms of mindset, what do you do to keep your approach to fitness and wellbeing a positive one?
Never be afraid of yourself. Set yourself challenges, don’t compete with others- just do it for yourself. You will feel so good within yourself when you see small differences which will then keep you going to better you further!
And finally, do you have a favourite motto/fitness quote that you live by?
Everything happens for a reason!
Jade’s positivity towards health and wellbeing aligns perfectly with the attitudes that we hold here at Pro 11 Wellbeing and is a huge part of the reason that we loved working together!