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Meet Our Campaign Star, Professional Dancer, Actress and Model, Lola Fever

When we shot our recent campaign, we knew we wanted to work with people who are not only committed to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, but who LOVE doing so. With her sights set on securing a West End role, professional Dancer, Actress and Model Lola Fever, was the perfect fit. 

Lola Fever pictured above using our Backstretcher With Acupressure.

This week we caught up with Lola to talk about her approach to fitness, and what always motivates her to keep pushing forwards. 

As a professional dancer, leading a healthy lifestyle surely comes naturally to you Lola, but what do you believe to be the greatest factor in leading a healthy lifestyle?
Everything in moderation. You need to treat yourself. Denying yourself of things that you enjoy all the time never works. You just need to keep a balance
How do you keep yourself motivated?
For me motivation comes relatively easy because I love what I do. But if I’m ever struggling, music always gives me that extra push. A great playlist is all I need to get me moving.
What would you say to someone who’s looking to embark on their own fitness journey? Any tips/advice?
Always find something you enjoy and then fitness won’t become a chore. Personally, I hate running and can never be motivated to do it, but when I dance it doesn’t feel like something I have to do to keep fit, it’s something I want to do. Set yourself goals, whether it be bettering your time at a run or raising money for charity.
In terms of mindset, what do you do to keep your approach to fitness and wellbeing a positive one?
It’s always important to focus on your own journey and where you are rather than looking at the people around you and comparing yourselves to them.
What’s the no.1 thing that you do to look after your health and wellbeing?
I always try to surround myself with people who have similar mindsets to me. That way we support and motivate each other.
Do you have a favourite motto/fitness quote that you live by?
I’ve always liked the motto: “strive for progress, not perfection”. If we look for perfection we will never be happy because it is unachievable. Instead look to improve just a little bit everyday.