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Meet The Team: Andy Dickinson

Managing Director, Andy Dickinson

In this weeks, ‘Meet The Team’ series, we want to introduce you to our Managing Director, Andy Dickinson.

Andy, what is a normal day at work for you like?

A normal day is getting in to work and answering emails whilst helping sort out any issues that there may be. I then talk to suppliers about new products we are developing or about keeping on top of our shipments and imports. I also get dragged in to help out with deliveries now and again!

What is your favourite Pro 11 Wellbeing product?

My Favourite Pro 11 product would have to be the Casual shoes they are so comfy! I have a pair that I wear as slippers!

What is your favourite type of exercise?

My favourite type of exercise would have to be at the gym really, I try get there as much as I can.

What is your mindset towards a healthy and active lifestyle?

I would say to train regularly and consistently but also take the time to enjoy yourself socially, getting a good balance is the key!

Favourite motivational quote?

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up!”

Andy’s stellar managing skills and his clear vision for Pro 11 Wellbeing is what see us continue to go from strength to strength and his positive attitude makes work life here at Pro 11 Wellbeing easy!