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Men’s Fitness Magazine Put Our Yoga Ball To The Test

Last month, fitness experts at Men’s Fitness Magazine included our Yoga Ball in their round up of the best exercise balls for 2023. 

For this feature, our Yoga Ball was put to the test by their experienced fitness writers. They marked our Yoga Ball on features such as firmness, durability and comfort which are all essential factors when it comes to exercise equipment!

We were pitted against various other Exercise Balls from other leading industry providers but when it came to the test of best grip, our Yoga Ball came out on top!

“Robust and grippy, the diminutive Pro 11 Wellbeing Yoga Ball is an excellent travel option at an affordable price…”

What sets our product out from the rest is its slip-resistant material and anti-slip rings which help the ball to grip nicely to the floor. This means that if you intend to use it for any kind of dynamic exercise, where there is danger of the ball sliding out from under you, you’ll be safe with our product! 



                                        Pro 11 Wellbeing Yoga Ball


With Yoga and Pilates based exercise being popular workouts both in the gym and at home, our Yoga Ball is a handy piece of gym kit as it’s travel size makes it great for exercising on the go!

Men’s Fitness Magazine might have rated it as one of the best on the market in 2023, but we want to know what you think! Head over to our Instagram now to let us know!