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New Year, New You? A Guide To Looking After Your Health Whilst Smashing Your New Year’s Resolutions 

We’re a month into the new year and the phrase, ‘New Year, New me’  is still on the tip of everyone’s lips.This commitment to a, ‘better you’ , is often in relation to health and wellness and with gym memberships historically soaring in January, we know that many of you will be striving to increase your exercise.

We’re all for leading a healthier, more active life but it’s important to remember that going from 0 – 100 is going to put a lot of strain on your body and is not the healthiest approach. We’ve put together a little guide on how to look after your body, whilst striving towards your health goals. 



A lot of people think that in order to become this, ‘better version of themselves’ they have to jump straight into it and go from 0-100. Realistically this isn’t sustainable and is going to lead to an injury. It’s important to ease yourself into your new fitness regime. For this reason, warming up is essential! 


Have an old injury that’s left one knee weaker than the other? Or do you struggle with foot pain post physical activity?These are all problems that you shouldn’t ignore, nor should they stop you from working out. When leading an active lifestyle it’s important to make sure your body is correctly supported. 
Our Body Tech adjustable Knee Brace Body-Tec adjustable knee brace with stabilisers is designed to support a weak or injured knee, whilst allowing free movement.


If you’re a fan of high intensity workouts then our huge range of sports insoles are a must for supporting and absorbing impact. 


You’ve just completed a high intensity workout, your hearts racing, your breathing’s heavy and you want nothing more than to sit straight down and rest – think again. 
Failure to stretch after working out will lead to injury. It’s important to stretch out your muscles whilst they’re warm and slowly cool your body back down.
Our back stretcher is perfect for this. Simply lie down and relax and let it’s clever design gently stretch out your back muscles whilst increasing circulation through Acupressure. 


When we think of getting fit and healthy, we often think of long runs and sweaty workouts. But it’s important to carve out some time for your mental health too. One way we’ve found that helps us do this is through slow and considered movement such as yoga.
Get in tune with your body through a quick and easy yoga session. Our Acupressure Yoga session provides a relaxing effect, helps blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep quality. 


If you’re new to Acupressure Yoga, we can help! Head to our Instagram where we have a beginners workout which shows how to get to grips with this ancient practice and use it on your journey to a healthier you in 2022.