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Pilates vs Weight Training: We weigh-in

A new trend has emerged on social media where users are taking to their platforms to discuss the benefits of switching weight training for pilates. FitTok (the subsection of TikTok filled with gym bunnies and fitness devotees) in particular has been swarmed with this debate!

So we decided in was time to weigh in!

Pilates has long since been the go-to choice of exercise for many an A-listers from Jennifer Aniston to Lady Gaga, and even Christiano Ronaldo! 

Whilst it’s no secret regular weight training will grow your muscles, one of the downsides is the ‘bulking’ effect this can bring, not to mention the intimidation at being a total rookie in our regular free-weight section of the gym!

Pilates, on the other hand seeks to build lean and functional muscle from the very core.

Benefits include…

  • Improving flexibility
  • Increasing muscle strength and tone
  • Supporting beautiful posture
  • Boosting the body’s ability to burn fat

Pilates is a firm favourite with elite athletes to assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation. This form of exercise provides an overall body workout targeting abdominals, body balance, back pain prevention, and those all important glute and booty gains. Not to mention the huge mental well-being advantages to this form of low intensity exercise.

Even more importantly, the only equipment necessary for a pilates beginner is a soft mat and an open space which makes it accessible to everyone! Our Pro11 Wellbeing Yoga mat is perfect for any level of intensity so why not grab yours today and give it a go…