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PRO11 Wellbeing Sponsor Talk Your Walk

Here at Pro11 Wellbeing we don’t shy away from working with the right people to ensure a positive and nurtured mindset is accessible to each and every one of us.

Which is why we are the new proud sponsors of the foundation and podcast, Talk Your Walk.

Spotlighting topics on sport, mindset, wellbeing and mental health, the Talk Your Walk Foundation provides listeners, the community and people of all walks of life with an outlet to lift the lid on the “unspoken words that carry the heaviest weight.”

Talk Your Walk was founded by professional rugby league players Jesse Sane-Lefao, Pete Mata’utia, Quentin Laulu-Togagae and Suaia Matagi over 18-months ago. Together, the four athletes have shared personal core-experiences, the strains of being a professional athlete, the power in talking out your feelings and the importance of normalising male mental health.

Our Director Andrew Dickinson said about the charity sponsorship; “As a sport and wellbeing brand, that creates products to help support not just your body but your mind too, made the collaboration so much more organic.”

He continued; “Having worked with Pete Mata’utia at a wellbeing event we hosted back in 2022, I’ve since followed his journey and the growth of the Talk Your Walk foundation. I am proud to support the charity and can’t wait to see where the journey takes us over the next 12-months. They are a reminder to all that it is okay, not to be okay!”

Pro11 Wellbeing team member, Tamsin Duce also said; “From just spending the morning with the Talk Your Walk team, it makes you feel good and positive about yourself. They’re such a lovely group of guys and I’m so thrilled to see Pro11 Wellbeing affiliated with the foundation.”

Each month we will be sharing a Talk Your Walk founders story, and spotlighting their best practice and methods for keeping positive, staying connected and finding the power to speak your truth.

We hope you join us in championing the Talk Your Walk foundation and find tune in to their latest episode.