3/4 Insoles for plantar fasciitis and arch support for over pronation

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Not sure where to start? PRO11 Wellbeing 3/4-length orthotic insoles are great for first-time users needing all-round support for the heels, arches and lower legs. And they fit almost any shoe.

These 3/4-size orthotic insoles are designed especially for hard-to-fit footwear, such as narrow, pointed or open-toed shoes. The medium-density EVA* offers a comfortable option for first-time users. The insoles also incorporate the tried-and-tested Formthotics arch profile, used by health professionals for more than 25 years now.

These insoles are great for your shoes too — the cushioned recess built in to the Poron® heel** reduces heel strike and decreases shoe wear on the outside of the heel.

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3/4 Size 3 – 4.5 XS, 3/4 Size 5 – 6.5, 3/4 Size 7 – 8.5, 3/4 Size 9 – 10.5, 3/4 Size 11 – 13