Body-tec hinged adjustable neoprene knee support brace with unique strap design

£12.49 Excl. VAT

Designed to ease severe knee pain, the Pro11 Wellbeing Body-Tec hinged knee brace provides maximum support while you go about your daily activities.

The Pro11 Wellbeing Body-Tec hinged knee brace offers support and comfort for severe knee injuries, patellar tendonitis, lateral and medial injuries to the ligament or cartilage, unstable medial or lateral ligaments, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Its wrap-around design is ideal for patients who would struggle to bend to reach their feet, while two adjustable Velcro fastenings can be tightened to ensure individual fit and support.

The hinge system is hidden in a neoprene pocket to ensure both lateral and medial support, and maximum comfort, without restricting the full range of movement of your patella track.

Size Chart

Small 17.5×13 cm
Medium 36.5 – 42 cm
Large 42.5 – 46 cm
XL 46.5 – 50 cm
XXL 50 – 54 cm


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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL