Fabric gel lined metatarsal relief pads

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Pro11 wellbeing foot care products turn uncomfortable walks into soothing therapy sessions for troubled feet. These Pro11 wellbeing Ball of Foot Gel Cushions provide superior comforting relief to the metatarsal heads of the foot. Uniquely designed with a two layers of fabric with a gel pad in between for optimal cushioning and support. The thin design ensures this Ball of Foot Gel Cushion will fit most footwear. For a long lifespan these Gel Cushions are washable and reusable.

Product Specification:

  • One pair of Pro11 wellbeing Ball of Foot Gel Cushions
  • Provide superior comforting relief to the metatarsal heads
  • Two layered fabric design with gel pad in between
  • Offers optimal cushioning and support
  • Thin design fits most footwear
  • Washable and reusable
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic


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Men's Gel cloth metatarsal sleeve, Women's Gel cloth metatarsal sleeve