Premium PRO Prescription Level Foot Orthotic Insoles

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Used by Professionals – inc NHS Provides Support and Control to Treat Foot Arch Heel Ankle Knee Pain Optimised for Plantar Fasciitis

The Pro11 Mini Luxe Premium Pro Prescription-Level Insoles are cost-effective over-the-counter orthotic insoles that incorporate proven professional laboratory modifications to optimise foot function, enhance comfort and alleviate pain in the foot, ankle and knee. Made from low-density EVA that can be trimmed for the perfect fit, these insoles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, ready-made orthotic insole.

Shock-Absorbent Orthotics The Pro11 Mini Luxe Insoles are made from EVA, a lightweight and durable material that absorbs shock to protect the feet from impact. A heel cup cradles the heels and shields them against impact. This is an important function to have, as the heel experiences more shock than any other part of the foot when we walk on a hard surface.

Arch Support A fascial groove cut into the Mini Luxe Prescription-Level Insoles supports and stabilised the lateral arch to maximise energy return. This groove also reduces lateral slip, a common problem with orthotics. A laboratory-grade high profile arch increases the contact surface area under the mid-foot to provide firm, but comfortable support. This arch assists plantar flexion and helps to prevent arch strain and plantar fasciitis.

Medial Heel Post The intrinsic medial post is one of the most effective modifications incorporated into these insoles. This medial post reduces excessive pronation (or over-pronation). By corrective over-pronation, these insoles realign the bones of the feet and ankles to their correct anatomical position. This can reduce and prevent ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.

High-Quality Materials The Pro11 Mini Luxe Premium Pro Insoles feature a premium-quality leatherette top cover, that reduces friction, can be wiped clean, and blends seamlessly inside any shoe. All of the materials used in the Mini Luxe Insoles have been assessed and awarded European Certification for safety and quality.

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