PRO 11 WELLBEING ECO Acupressure mat and Pillow Set with Large Carry Bag (Navy Blue)

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The Acupressure mat and pillow has been popular in Scandinavia since 2009. it is used to neck and back pain and other parts of the body. It is used to keep your mind and soul in balance, in which the body stays at an optimal healthy status. It is also named as spike mat, nail mat, acupuncture mat and needle mat. It consists of different flowers (discs) and fabrics. The key part of the product is the acupressure flower. There are many kind of shapes of the acupressure flowers. currently, the round, triangle, hexagon, octagon and lotus flower are the most popular shapes on the market. Our new design is called the flower of life.

The flower itself has 19 acupressure points

The product helps the following:
1. Reducing pain in back, neck, shoulders, hips and joints
2. Improving blood circulation
3. Increasing energy levels
4. Deep sense of relaxation
5. Decreasing muscular tension
6. Increasing levels of endorphins (the well-being hormone)
7. Increasing uptake of oxygen
8. Improving sleep quality
9. Improving digestion
10. Giving a positive mental outlook
11. Relieving muscles tension and stiffness
12. Adjusting the internal organs function, enhance human immunity

What is the advantage
1. Eco-friendly
2. Ventilate
3. Damp proof
4. Preventing mildew
5. Mildness in nature
6. Durable

It is certified by CE, RoHS, and AZO free
All acupressure nails are bonded with cloth by hot melting technology.
Hot melting technology is very environment friendly

Acupressure pillow
Size: 30x40cm
Cover: 100% natural cotton
Flower of life spike: HIPS plastic
Filling: eco-friendly PP cotton
Inner cover: 100% cotton
51pcs flower of life spikes on pillow

Acupressure mat
Size: 72x44x2cm
Cover: 100% natural cotton
Flower of life spike: HIPS plastic
Filling: 100% Natural coconut fiber
Inner cover: 100% cotton
221pcs flower of life spikes on mat

The bag is made of 100% cotton fabric

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