Pro 11 wellbeing – party feet gel comfort massaging cushions

£4.99 Excl. VAT

Ease burning ball-of-foot pain caused by high heels with the Pro11 Party Feet Gel Comfort Massaging Cushions. These discreet gel pads provide superior cushioning and protection – with an exceptional fit – to keep you comfortable while on your feet.

Features and Benefits of the Party Feet Massaging Cushions

  • Pair of cushioning ball-of-foot pads
  • Made from gel for superior cushioning
  • Reduce pressure and impact to alleviate pain
  • Ultra thin to allow 25% more space in your shoes
  • Non-slip technology for a secure fit
  • Available in one size to fit most

About the Party Feet Massaging Cushions

These gel cushions enhance comfort and prevent ball-of-foot pain. They are made from clear gel and are extremely discreet. Due to their ultra-slim design, they provide a superior fit, allowing 25% more space in your shoe than thicker ball-of-foot cushions.

Reduce Pressure to Relieve Pain

Unfortunately, high heels tilt your body forward on your feet, placing more pressure on the forefeet than flat shoes. The Pro11 Party Feet Gel Cushions help to reduce ball-of-foot pain by redistributing your body weight to shift pressure off your forefeet. The result is reduced ball-of-foot pain and better posture.