Pro11 wellbeing balance pad helps rehabilitation

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Pro11 Wellbeing Balance Pad is designed to provide gradual, progressive resistance in a 360° range. This product enhances balance control and functional movement. Made with soft, closed-cell blue foam. The Pro11 Wellbeing Balance Pad can be used with therapy and training equipment for a wide range of applications . Due to the destabilizing property it is used in prevention and rehabilitation of orthopedic / traumatological diseases . Combine the training of conditional and coordinative abilities like strength, endurance and balance with general or specific sports. Size 52 x 42 x 30 cm. Do not stand on pad while wearing shoes.

  • Improve balance, co-ordination and reaction
  • Non slip, waterproof, easy to clean surface
  • Made from closed cell EVA foam
  • Posture stability, motor skills exercises and rehabilitation
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