Pro11 wellbeing comfort orthotic with heel pad shock absorber and arch support

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If you love to walk, walk, walk, but don’t want to ache, ache, ache PRO11 Wellbeing ‘Comfort’ orthotic insoles for heels and arches are your friend!

PRO11 Wellbeing ‘Comfort’ orthotic insoles are designed to take the strain for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, and are ideal for hikers.

Made from firm density EVA* material, a Poron® ** heel cushion, with a breathable forefoot, these insoles will give you the shock absorption and freshness you’re looking for.

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XS 3 – 4.5, S 5 – 6.5, M 7 – 8.5, L 9 – 10.5, XL 11 – 13