Pro11 wellbeing yoga glove and socks

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Pro11 Wellbeing Toeless Yoga Socks and Gloves Set made with organic cotton. Perfect grip for yoga, pilates and barre. During exercise routines feet will sweat – the yoga socks not only effectively maintain your foot health, but also protect public health. Furthermore, yoga socks and gloves with non-slip dot pattern can provide the added balance which allows you to safely practice. These beautiful yoga socks and gloves set were designed for the yoga enthusiast.

  • Pro11 Wellbeing Toeless Socks and Gloves will make you free from being barefoot while maintaining the slip-free security of your yoga mat
  • Provides slip-resistant tread on the sole for secure footing on any surface
  • Great hygienic alternative to practicing barefoot
  • Protects feet from exposure to foot fungus
  • Keep your feet warm on cold morning workouts
  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • Strengthen your foot muscles
  • Package Includes: 1x pair yoga socks + 1x pair yoga gloves
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