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Top Tips For Trying The Viral 12-3-30 Workout


A straight forward, treadmill workout has taken the internet by storm over the past few months. The 12-3-30 workout was originally shared by social influencer, Lauren Giraldo, on YouTube back in 2019, but her recent post about the workout on TikTok last November has seen its popularity soar.

Perhaps the reason for the popularity of this workout is its simplicity. The trend involves simply setting your treadmill to incline 12 at a speed of 3MPH (which on most UK treadmills is 4.8KMPH) and walking for 30 minutes. 

Sounds a breeze, right? 

Giraldo explained in her videos that the workout is a “game changer” for her, saying that it’s a way to stay fit at home for those who aren’t motivated to go to the gym.


But though it may sound easy, like any exercise routine, if it’s not approached properly it can lead to injury. But not to worry! We’ve put together our top tips for starting the viral 12-3-20 workout…


Do your trainers correctly support your arch and heel? Or do you often suffer from foot related pain? This doesn’t mean you have to swerve this workout completely, it just means you have to take extra measure to avoid triggering any injuries or problems.

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Like with any exercise, if your posture is poor, you’re headed towards pain and injury. But poor posture can be corrected. It’s important to focus on good form and keeping your core tight whilst moving on the treadmill.

If you still find yourself struggling, try our Non-Slip Posture Corrector. 

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One common mistake people often make when following this trend is not treating it like a proper workout. Yes, you may think it’s just a brisk incline walk, but you still need to cool down and stretch the same way you would after an intensive HIIT class or lifting session.

Take the time to stretch properly, focusing on the calves which are likely to feel tight post workout. One handy tool to help prevent post workout muscle aches and pains is our High Density Foam Roller.

It’s specially designed 3D trigger points mimic finger massage to quickly target knots and muscle pain! As you roll in the equipment against the skin, the 3D trigger points knead the bodies contours and gently stretch the soft tissues  in multiple directions. Though you’re still sure to be aching the next morning, this handy tool helps to minimise the pain!


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Before you step on the treadmill to complete this viral workout, bear in mind out top 3 tips for success! And, if you have any other questions, head over to our website or Instagram page to speak with one of the team. Here’s to walking towards a healthier you this year!