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1 pair of Bunion toe correcter and spreader by Pro11 Wellbeing

Bunion corrector
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Pack of 2 High Quality Soft Gel Bunion Protector Toe Corrector.

The toe separator's cushiony gel shield reduces friction and irritation caused by rubbing shoes, and instantly reduce's the hammer toe and bunion pain. It absorbs shock, shear forces and reduces friction caused by corns and callus'

The toe spreader realigns the big toe to help reduce pressure on the joint.  Worn every day they gently help to re-align your toe to its natural position.

Thermoplastic elastomer gel conforms to your foot's contours for a plush custom-like fit.

Aids with pain relief and improves the general condition of the foot.

One size fits all can be worn on either foot.

Medical - grade mineral gel.

Hand Wash with soap and water and air dry.  



Great Price Great Product
ReviewerSarah Hall / FromAyr / Date08 Jul 2015
These are excellent and have lasted well over a month. Love the fact the bunion protectors are washable.
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