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3 quarter orthotic leaflet 3 quarter blue orthotics
T3 quarter orthotic leaflet T3 quarter blue orthotics

3/4 Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis and Arch Support for Over Pronation

Plantar fasciitis and arch support for over pronation.
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Three-quarter size ready-fit orthotics

These ready-fit orthotic insoles fit straight inside your shoes to support and improve the natural posture of your feet. They are designed for hard to fit shoes.

The moderate blue EVA foam provides a comfortable option for first-time orthotics users. The ¾ size is ideal for narrow or pointed toe shoes for men and woman. It’s the perfect choice when a full-length orthotic insole won’t fit into the shoe.

The insole incorporates a deep heel cup which gives the benefit of added stability and a supportive arch profile to improve comfort and foot posture.

3/4 orthotic insoles
• Proven Medial Arch Profile
• Express Orthotics utilise the "classic" tried and proven Formthotics arch profile which has been used successfully by health professionals around the world for over 25 years.

The medial arch profile:
• Corrects support for the arch
• Improves alignment of the lower limb
• Improves proprioception and balance
• Increases fit and comfort for the foot in any shoe  
• Heel Strike shock absorption

The cushioned recess built into the lateral outside border of the heel cup (the heel strike area):
• Reduces the shock of heel strike
• Decreases the velocity of rearfoot pronation
• Decreases shoe wear on the outside of the heel
• Cushioning under the 1st Met Head

The cushioned recess under the 1st Met Head is designed to:
• Allow plantarflexion of the 1st ray
• Reduce shock on the forefoot during propulsion
• Facilitate the Windlass Mechanism which acts to stabilise the foot during propulsion



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