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Dual Shock sports orthotic insoles By Pro11 Wellbeing

Fit for life
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Designed for active and sporting applications, “Dual-shock” orthotic insoles from Pro11 Wellbeing align lower limbs to help prevent common sporting injuries and aid recovery in active people with over- or under-pronation issues.

There’s no need for pain get in the way of a fit and healthy lifestyle!

If you’re into your sports, you’re reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer and a host of other ailments — and that’s brilliant. If, however, your active life has resulted in some unwelcome aches and pains in your arches, Achilles tendons, heels, knees and/or legs, these insoles could be just what you’re looking for. Designed to prevent your feet from turning further than your knees can comfortably accommodate, these insoles can help reduce damaging forces that lead to stress and pain. With four-degree arch support, medium–firm EVA* and a high-density Poron® ** metatarsal and heel cushion, they also feature a PVC surround for extra support.  



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