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Pro11 Miniluxe Premium Pro Prescription Level Foot Orthotic Insoles

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Pro11 MiniLuxe Premium Pro Prescription Level Foot Orthotic Insoles, Used by Professionals


Registered Design to stop counterfeit copies, Plantar Pro® is a readymade, full length orthotic solution incorporating proven Professional Laboratory Modifications to optimise foot function, provide comfort and address pathological tissue stresses at the foot, ankle and knee, allowing its users to get back on their feet and live life without limitations.


Key Features

  • The industry standard EVA offers tried and tested durability and shock attenuation
  • 12mm Deep Heel Cup Fascial Groove Accommodation
  • Our flange is designed to support and stabilise the lateral arch to maximise energy return whilst also reduce lateral slip associated with other orthotics
  • 5º Intrinsic Medial Heel Posting - one of the most effective Professional Laboratory Modifications to reduce excessive pronation (foot rolling in).
  • High Arch Profile - Our laboratory grade high profile arch increases the contact surface area under the mid-foot providing firm, comfortable support to resist excessive lowering of the arch reducing plantar fascia strain while assisting plantar flexion
  • Premium leatherette top cover - we used a completely new material that reduces friction, wipes clean and is unobtrusive, blending seamlessly inside any shoe. All our MiniLuxe® materials used to make the Plantar Pro® have been assessed and awarded European Certification (CE) for safety and quality.
  • Easy to use Trimming guidelines and low density EVA make getting a perfect fit quick and easy with scissors.


What the experts say

"Professional packaging, clear instructions, very light and one of the few over-the-counter orthotics with an excellent built-in varus post and a fascial groove, which are essential for managing difficult to treat plantar fascial injuries." Dr. Tom Michaud Author of the seminal texts "Human Locomotion" & "Foot Orthoses Foot Care"







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